When is my order being shipped?

Orders are processed within 48 hours or less and we ship Monday to Saturday, any orders purchased on Saturday after 3 pm will be shipped on Monday of the following week.

What courier is my order being shipped with?

We ship all our orders with Royal Mail.

How long is my order going to take to arrive?

The estimate delivery time for orders in the UK is 1-4 business days after being shipped. For orders outside of the UK the estimate delivery time is 1-3 weeks.

Can i get next day delivery?

We only offer standard delivery which takes 1-4 business days to arrive.

Why hasn't my order been shipped yet?

If your order has not been shipped within 48 hours it is because we don't have the selected fitted in hand anymore therefore, we have to get more in and this will take a week for our shipment to arrive. 

Why was my order cancelled?

If your order was cancelled it could either be due to our Fraud analysis software showing us that there is some unusual behaviour under the order like trying different payments, information not matching or because the item purchased is completely out of stock.